6. Misunderstanding


Raul didn’t realise how American he was until one morning when he was taking out the recycling in Japan. Meanwhile, in the Marquesas Islands, a misunderstanding over snorkels changed Aidan’s future.

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Wet Wings – Whisper Always (Jon Lemmon remix), Wet Wings – You’re Not, Dukes of Dixieland – We Wish You a Merry Christmas


5. Steve Roggenbuck

5. Steve Roggenbuck

Steve Roggenbuck is a poet and v-logger based in Tuscon, Arizona. In June 2015 he released the book LIVE MY LIEF: SELECTED & NEW POEMS, 2008-2015.

In this episode Roggenbuck talks about video game poetry, maleness, and how to overcome moneysadness.

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Wet Wings – Stockholm, Wet Wings – You’re Not, The Album Leaf – Window

4. The Heart


In this episode I talk to people about the heart. This is not an episode about love or intimate confidences – although there may be a little bit of that – this is about the physical, red, actually-kinda-ugly-looking organ in all of us: the heart.

First is the story of my sister Steph Woods who was born with a hole in her heart. Then I talk to a chemist about his favourite molecule of all time. The show ends on the story of Max Harris, a rising scholar whose future was put into jeopardy one hot summer’s day in New York City.

Max’s personal essay was originally published at The Pantograph Punch.

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Jack Hooker – GraduationJack Hooker – Stones and DronesWet Wings – A Terrible ThingWet Wings – Your HandsWet Wings – You’re NotWet Wings – Still WaterWet Wings – Sea SnakeLiam Finn – Second Chance

3. Medical Adventures

Medical Adventures

In Pan Pacific’s third episode, Wayne Stevens talks about what to do when a baby stops breathing. Sarah Ganly describes what it’s like to be hit by a car. Jon Lemmon went to school high because the doctor told him to.

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2. Something We Shouldn’t Have Done

somethingweshouldnt Murdoch Stephens searched a sealed building in the Iranian desert. In this episode he confronts his decision about taking and exhibiting what he found. Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, or download the mp3 here. For more information on the campaign to raise New Zealand’s refugee quota from 750 to 1500 a year, check out Murdoch’s campaign, Doing Our Bit. It’s a campaign that was initially funded with all fees from the Afghan photograph exhibition at Pataka Museum. The photographs have been gifted to the Afghan Center at Kabul University.

1. The Family

This is the first episode of Pan Pacific. Listen on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, or download the mp3.


Pan Pacific begins with a collection of family secrets. The most difficult phone call in a young woman’s life. A father who kept a part of his identity secret from his wife and children until he was 52. And two families’ secrets to keeping sane while sailing in a boat around the world together.